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About Me

As you might have already guessed, my name is Rey and I am a 19 year old webdev, entrepreneur and trader. Since my earliest childhood I have been fascinated by technology. No matter if it was about computers or mechanics. Thanks to my curiosity I have been able to extend my skills, allowing me to kick of with my own little programms and later on real-world web projects.



Wupload used to be one of the biggest and largest filesharing services of all time. Due to the MEGAUPLOAD raid in 2011 though operations quit. Therefore, we created a more convenient and secure service with swiss based servers, allowing us to offer highest privacy standards under all conditions.



Meizufans is the largest english speaking Meizu Fan Community, having visitors from over 190 different countries with more than 16.000 registered users and over 56.000 posts. There is even an an Israeli co-site.



Vivofans used to be a side-kick of Meizufans, dealing with BBK Vivo smartphones. However, due to personal issues with the Co-Founde, this project shutdown.



August 2010 - June 2017


While visiting a grammar school I automatically completed the following additional degrees:



As presented previously, Meizufans is still one of my ongoing projects. It might be old, but for that the site is everything else than outdated. Featuring highest performance and security standards, a visit on Meizufans can be more interesting than thought. Be sure to check all the features out like TLSv1.3.

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GitHub Repo

While I am always working on new things, not everything goes public. If you still would like to see some of my different projects, be sure to check out my GitHub page. Especially the WebView App for NodeBB is one of my most used projects available to the public.

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