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One of the most popular spreadsheet programs used by corporations and organizations is Microsoft Excel. It is a tool that can be used for more than simply accounting; it can also be used to evaluate data and assist in decision-making. Microsoft Excel may be found in almost all businesses, regardless of size.
You can use a variety of free online courses to study Microsoft Excel for yourself or as part of your profession. For users who want to deepen their understanding of this practical software application, there are several more sites that offer advanced learning chances. The top three programs for learning Microsoft Excel are as follows:

The Top 3 Microsoft Excel Courses

Excel is one of the most in-demand talents, did you know that? In reality, there is an exponential increase in need for data analysts who can make sense of large amounts of data. Since so many individuals use spreadsheet tools like Excel to perform their work, it can appear that there isn’t much to learn. But nothing could be further from the truth than this. These programs are a lot more intricate than they initially appear to be. Even something as straightforward as making a graph in Excel requires a lot of repetition and memorization to become proficient at. It’s not quite as simple as some might believe. Following that, here are our top 3 recommendations for Microsoft Excel training and certification if you want to succeed:

Microsoft Excel Certification Course by Microsoft

Let’s start by discussing the official certification program offered by Microsoft. You can get everything you need to know there to pass the certification exam. Even if you decide not to pursue the certification, it includes a ton of other materials to help you catch up on the fundamentals. You may complete this course at your own pace, which is fantastic. If you wish to review a particular ability, you can also easily search for specific topics. This online course, unlike many others, also includes interactive components. Before attempting to use some of the talents in your work, you’ll get the chance to test them out for yourself to see how they function. This makes it easier for you to comprehend how everything operates. Quizzes and exercises are also available to fully assess your knowledge of the material. This is unquestionably the best Microsoft Excel certification course available if you wish to pursue one. It is produced by the same individuals who design the certification itself. So you can be sure it’s true and current with the most recent data. Additionally, as new Excel versions are released by Microsoft, it is frequently updated with new content. This is the course to enroll in if you want to learn everything there is to know about Excel.

Excel Certification by IIM Bangalore

The IIM Bangalore Excel exam will be discussed next. Although it may not be a comprehensive course for you, it does equip you with the abilities required to succeed in the certification exam. Numerous diverse organizations provide certifications in various industries. You must succeed on the certification exam if you wish to operate in that sector and within that specialty. One of the most sought-after certifications available today is the Excel test. In fact, it’s one of the top 5 qualifications that employers currently seek. This is so because practically every office worker uses Excel, which is such a widely used skill. If you hold this qualification, you can utilize it to advance in your current position, find a new one, or perhaps obtain a raise. Many people are vying for it since employers place a high value on it. This course is made to assist you in passing the certification exam and obtaining this important qualification. One of India’s leading business schools, IIM Bangalore, is responsible for its creation. This guarantees that the information is current and correct. It is consistently updated with the most recent updates to the abilities and certifications. To aid with your understanding, there are a ton of interactive examples and tests. This is a fantastic way to begin your certification journey and acquire the skills you need to be successful.

Excel to HTML5 Programming Course by Springboard

The Excel to HTML5 programming course by Springboard will be discussed next. This one is a little unique. It’s a programming course that teaches you how to code in Excel, not an Excel certification course. This is a fantastic alternative for people who wish to switch from an Excel-based position to one that requires coding. This course is a wonderful place to start if you want to move from being a data analyst to a data scientist or even a programmer. It teaches you how to use some of the most popular Excel programming techniques. Things like loops, logic, and functions fall under this category. These are the same abilities you’ll need to master if you decide to learn how to write in another language, such as Python or R. Therefore, anyone looking to make the switch to a profession in coding should start with this course. No prior coding knowledge is necessary because everything is taught from start. The best aspect is that you may complete this course without using any additional software. It can all be finished in Excel. It’s a fantastic approach to pick up new abilities and enter a different line of work. It’s a highly sought-after ability that is incredibly useful to have. This course is a wonderful place to start if you want to change careers.

Excel for Data Analytics Course by Udacity

Finally, we’ll discuss Udacity’s course on using Excel for data analytics. This course is a fantastic place to start if you want to work as a data analyst or perhaps a data scientist. One of the most sought-after occupations today is data analyst. They are in charge of interpreting significant amounts of data. This implies that they must perform data analysis, organize disorganized data sets, and produce graphs and reports using the data. One of the most popular tools used by data analysts is Excel. It is a skill that is highly appreciated and in demand as a result. You must be proficient with Excel if you want to work in this industry and do well. You will learn everything you require to use Excel for data analytics in this course. It was made by Udacity, one of the best online colleges available. This guarantees that the information is current and correct. They routinely update their courses to reflect any new abilities that data analysts could require. Additionally, interactive examples are provided to help you practice and comprehend the concepts. This is a fantastic way to begin your career path and discover all there is to know about Excel.


There are many different training programs and certifications available that will help you become an expert in Microsoft Excel. Excel and other similar skills can be learned in a variety of methods as well. However, it’s crucial to pick the best option for you. Spend some time determining which certification or course best fits your learning preferences. If you make the appropriate choice, you’ll have a lot better chance of succeeding and attaining your objectives.

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